Who’s behind the curtain of CCBTutorials.com?

(Updated Oct 2017: Ian (Alvin's shoulders), Alvin, Seth, Mallary, Mila)

(Updated Oct 2017: Ian (Alvin’s shoulders), Alvin, Seth, Mallary, Mila)

Let me introduce myself and my family.  Hi, I’m Alvin, and this is my beautiful wife, Mallary, and our growing family (Ian on the left with Mommy, Seth on the right with Daddy, and our baby girl, Mila).

I’m beyond blessed with not only a great family, but also gifted with the skills and talents of making a living via the internet.

Living in Austin, Texas with our growing family, I’ve spent 15+ years in a variety of operations, marketing and technology roles for startups to Fortune 1000 companies, primarily software and web development.  

In addition, I’ve started and operated multiple offline and online businesses, spanning multiple industries and niches.  And as the law of averages would have it, many have failed miserably while a few have been quite profitable and successful.

In February 2014, in addition to my professional assignment, I answered the call to become the Executive Pastor and a Deacon (Jan 2013) at Austin-based Mosaic Church.  In this calling and assignment, I was introduced to Church Community Builder (CCB) as Mosaic Church chose to migrate from Fellowship One to CCB just prior to me stepping into the assignment. 

As of August 2015, our church is experiencing God’s blessing in exponential growth, and I’m now focused on helping our various ministries as an Associate Pastor. 

But with such growth comes more challenges to solve in achieving, sustaining and scaling optimal synergies between systems, processes and people.

Why I’m Sharing CCBTutorials.com With You and Others

In short, CCBTutorials.com is designed for both technical and non-technical persons to gain access to their CCB data and integrate with 3rd-party applications using the CCB API.

With a seasoned software and web development background, I chose not to have CCB migrate Mosaic Church’s data from Fellowship One after seeing and reviewing CCB’s API documentation.

I successfully migrated Mosaic’s data from another Church Management Software (ChMS) provider with minor hiccups here and there.   However, the CCB API was not as straight forward as it could and should be for churches partnering with CCB.

And because of my CCB migration experience, I’m sharing with you and others the various CCB API tips and tricks to use to perform the following:

  • Access, manage, share and modify data without having to be a programming expert
  • Save time and money learning how to export and migrate to/from data from CCB
  • Easily integrate CCB with 3rd-party applications

Often times, depending on the size of the church, churches are not likely to have the technical staff or expertise on hand needed for in-house software development.  

Knowing this, CCBTutorials.com is created to bridge the gap for non-technical persons never having programmed a day in their life.

I hope your experience with CCBTutorials.com is one that is simple to use and understand.  If you can read, follow instructions, and not fearful of learning, then you, my friend, are ready to create your very own custom CCB scripts.

Are you ready to get started with CCB Tutorials? Let’s Get Started!