How to Solve Your Church’s Technical Challenges

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Alvin here from CCBTutorials.com.

I have great news today with an offer to solve your church’s technical challenges. But let me give you a little background first.Read This Tutorial

Integrate CCB using PHP and Mailchimp API 3.0

As I begin this tutorial, it’s an early Saturday morning, and I mean early… like 4:12 A.M!

For whatever the reason, the good Lord saw to it that I should arise this day, and I’m grateful for that.

It’s not often that I’m up this early on a Saturday morning.

But hey, since I’m up, bright eyed and bushy tailed, I might as well crank out a tutorial, right?

Today’s tutorial is likely to make many of you quite happy. Read This Tutorial

Adding A Group of People to a Significant Event

Welcome back to CCBTutorials.com for this week’s tutorial.  

A few weeks back, I stumbled across a request about adding a group of people to a significant event via Church Community Builder’s (CCB) The Village.

I waited a few days to see if a response would surface, but nothing ever surfaced.  Here’s the person’s original request:

We have set up our system so a person’s baptism date is a Significant Event with Date. Normally entering them is fine since we usually only do a handful of baptisms at a time so it goes quickly. 

However, a couple of weeks ago we had a “Baptism Service” and we had around 100 people get baptized in one evening. I thought as the Master Admin I’d be able to do a mass add, but it doesn’t look like the Significant Event field is an option for a mass change. 

Does anyone have any ideas about how to do this without doing them one at a time?   

So, you guessed right if you guessed that today’s tutorial is about adding significant events for individuals.

Let’s get started…Read This Tutorial

Emailing a Queue overdue persons report

Last week, I showed you how to create a Queue overdue list of persons report.

This week, we’re going to work with the same tutorial, yet extend upon the base functionality you developed thus far.

As with any tutorial we extend upon, I’m not going to cover the nitty-gritty details of the previous tutorial. You’ll have a bit of reading and review for areas you find to be challenging.

That said, today’s tutorial focuses on having a Queue overdue persons report emailed to you using Church Community Builder’s API service.

You would right to think that you can already do such reporting by using the existing web front-end interface as provided by CCB.

But what if you wanted to access the data programmatically using a 3rd-party system?

Well, this is where last week’s and today’s tutorials come quite in handy. Let’s get started.Read This Tutorial

Creating a Queue overdue list of persons report

I’m back with a doozy of a tutorial today based upon using Church Community Builder’s (CCB) API to create an overdue persons report.

In short, CCB innately provides notifications when individuals are placed in a queue and their due date expires without the queue manager taking action.

For example, our church has a number of ministry service teams:

  • Greeters
  • Ushers
  • Coffee Bar
  • mKids (Children’s Ministry)
  • mYouth (Youth Ministry)
  • Elevate (High School)
  • Chi Street (Homeless Ministry)
  • Worship Team
  • Production
  • Hospitality
  • Events/Admin

These various ministry areas rely on our Connection Card, Member Class, and Foundation Class processes to supply their ministry with volunteers to serve.

One of the things that can happen often is that queue managers, often volunteer ministry leads, forget to check their queues even with reminders auto emailed by CCB natively.

After all, it’s not a volunteer’s full time job or responsibility.

However, this type of inactivity causes communication challenges and breakdowns when ministry leads are not communicating in a timely manner to volunteers who have a desire to serve.

So today, I’ll show you how to create a report for a specific queue to determine how many days an individual is passed their due date.Read This Tutorial