Accessing CCB’s API Rate Limit Headers

Over the last few weeks, there’s been a bit of excitement in the world of Church Community Builder, also affectionately known as CCB.

I use “excitement” loosely as many churches using CCB’s API were informed about CCB implementing a new per-minute rate limiting policy in addition to its per-day allotment of 10,000 calls per day — which they hope to retire sooner rather than later, yet it’ll remain in place for now.

As of August 20th, this new rate limiting strategy aims to restrict how many times per minute an API user can access an individual API Service — noted in New API Rate Limiting documentation.

So, what does this truly mean to you, and more importantly, how does this new strategy impact developed applications and environments using CCB’s API? 🤔 Read This Tutorial

Current List of CCB API Services

Welcome back to this week’s tutorial, which is really not a tutorial as you’ll soon see.

Yes, I missed posting a tutorial last week, but spent quality time with my family. It was well worth it! 😀

Although I didn’t send an email to you all on this latest update to this website, I did manage to post a new CCP API Tutorials page.Read This Tutorial

How to make cURL requests with PHP using CCB API

Today’s tutorial is not necessarily one that is CCB API focused. However, you’ll find it quite helpful and insightful when reading the CCB API Documentation.

If you’ve perused the CCB API documentation, then you’ve certainly run across the term “curl” or “Curl”.  For the non-technical, the official term is cURL, but most likely you’ll see curl or Curl used interchangeably.

We don’t have time to waste.  Let’s get started with today’s tutorial and learn how a few techniques for making curl calls in PHP.Read This Tutorial

What do to when encountering the shell_exec() error in Windows environment

Well, I’m back with this week, but with a different tutorial to address an overlooked error.  We’re going to answer a few questions for those of you that use a Windows development environment.

I’m surprise this issue has not surfaced before now.  Nevertheless, I had the pleasure of engaging a Pastor from the CCB Tutorials community (that’s right, this community) about a few tutorials *not working* (oh no!).

He and I hopped on a quick GoToMeeting, so that I could size up the issue and be certain that it was not a simple fix.Read This Tutorial

What is the daily CCB API call maximum?

Today’s tutorial will help many of you plan for custom application development using CCB’s API.

You could meet the daily CCB API call maximum if you’re not careful.  Maxing out to the CCB API limit could leave reporting, emailing, backup, syncing and other API-dependent applications dead in the water for a day.

I suggest planning out how many API calls are made within a given day.  Also, don’t forget to define and plan for how many applications are created that use the CCB API.Read This Tutorial