Automating and Exporting Activity Attendance for Group Participants

We’re back with this week’s tutorial that will build on and combine the following tutorials:

I’ll discuss and show you how to combine tutorials to *automagically* export data from CCB, using the CCB API of course, into an Excel spreadsheet.

I won’t cover the automation portion in detail, but you can review the third bulleted tutorial above for that information. Let’s get started.Read This Tutorial

Integrating CCB with Mailchimp and Mandrill

Today’s tutorial will cover how you can integrate your CCB account to use Mailchimp and Mandrill to send automated email messages.

Before we begin, here’s a quick disclaimer to keep in mind… it is against Mailchimp’s terms of service to send transactional personalized emails.  Because of this, Mailchimp allows for transactional personalized emails to be sent via the service Mandrill.

You may be wondering, “What exactly are transactional personalized emails?” Emails like password reminders, order confirmations, receipts, and personalized notifications qualify as transactional emails because they contain personalized information.

Building on the Birthday Emailer Tutorial

Remember the birthday emailer tutorial? Yes, it too qualifies as a transactional email.  Now you may be thinking, “Why would I send the birthday emailer when I have existing sending capability?”  Great question!

In the birthday emailer tutorial, you’re using good ole’ SMTP and the built-in PHP mailer functionality to send email.  The catch to sending email using PHP mailer is that you must have SMTP enabled and properly setup.

Not to mention that your web/email host could block you from sending such messages in bulk.  So knowing this, you now have a second option for sending messages using Mailchimp and Mandrill.

In addition to the birthday emailer tutorial, we’ll also build upon the search for individuals and cron job tutorials. Let’s get started!Read This Tutorial

Creating a CCB Birthday Emailer

Have you ever thought about a way to make your members and attendees feel special?  Sure, you can personally call members and attendees that complete Connection Cards or Prayer Request forms.

Would you execute a simple program if I could show you how to send year around reminders WITHOUT hiring additional staff to pick up and dial the phones or send emails?

The good news is that today’s tutorial will show you how to create a CCB Birthday emailer.  I will not cover the automation portion of this tutorial as it pertains to storing and retrieving your CCB data in an external database, and using a cron job to run the script daily.  I’ll cover these automation components in another tutorial.  But I digress

This tutorial offers a simple one-off PHP script that will compare and determine whether or not it’s the attendee’s or member’s birthday, and then send a simple email message to the person if it is their birthday.  If you’re ready, let’s get started!Read This Tutorial