How to Create a CCB Event

Welcome back to CCB Tutorials! Today’s tutorial is one that many folks have likely pondered but may or may not have desired or been too intimidated by to dive into the details.

From weekend services to special events to classes to seminars to workshops and the list continues, managing events in CCB is likely one of the top three actions used by most churches.

While CCB serves small to medium-sized congregations well in regards to event management, larger congregations often require self-managed event functionality, especially multi-site or multi-campus church organizations.

I’ve recently fielded inquiries from churches pertaining to the integration of 3rd-party event management software with CCB.

While most of the event management will occur in the 3rd-party system, there is also a need to create and track event and registration data upon close of event.

While an event with 100-150 registrants/attendees is roughly easy to manually manage, reconciling event and registration data for hundreds or thousands of persons is simply not possibly without a team of volunteers or staff.

Nevertheless, I’ll share how to create events in CCB using PHP and CCB’s API in today’s tutorial. Of course, your respective 3rd-party event management software will need to have an available API.

In addition, I’ve also written a few tutorials pertaining to accessing event attendance data that you’ll likely want to combine with today’s tutorial. But without further ado, let’s get started!Read This Tutorial

Displaying Individual Calendar Listings

Four score and seven years ago… ok, maybe not that long ago. 🙂

Maybe it was a year or two ago that I published how to retrieve and customize a public web calendar for your church using CCB’s API.

As with most of CCB, some of the native functionality leaves a church desiring more in the area of visual appeal.

So just as we did with the public web calendar tutorial, today’s tutorial will tackle how to retrieve and customize calendar listings for individuals. Read This Tutorial

Retrieving the total attendance for multiple events using CCB’s API.

Today, I’m back with a simple tutorial that expounds upon on a previous tutorial: Retrieving the total attendance for a specific event using CCB’s API.

We’ve successfully mastered retrieving total attendance for a specific event, but what if I have more than one event?

Of course, the straightforward answer would be to repeat the same call until you’ve retrieved all events.

And although it is one way of answering the question, it’s quite expensive to make so many calls.

If you’re a church with a hand full or not many events, then it may make sense to perform such these calls.

However, if you’re a church with more than 10 events, then today’s tutorial will show you how to get all events and their respective total attendance.Read This Tutorial

Retrieving the total attendance for a specific event Using CCB’s API

Today’s tutorial is courtesy of Dave Mackey.

If you’re wondering who Dave Mackey is, he’s the owner and operator of DaveMackey.net, CCBUserGroup.com, and few CCB Plugins.

You’ve likely also run across Dave leaving comments on CCB tutorials.

Nevertheless, Dave Mackey asked the following question to CCB Tribe members:Read This Tutorial

Retrieve a list of significant events for individuals

Welcome back. Not too long ago, we discussed how to add significant events to a group of persons within CCB.

Well, today’s tutorial expounds upon the aforementioned tutorial whereby I’ll show you how to retrieve a list of significant events for a specific individual.

Although this tutorial focuses on a single individual, this tutorial can be modified to return significant events for a group of persons too.

Let us get started.Read This Tutorial