Adding A Group of People to a Significant Event

Welcome back to CCBTutorials.com for this week’s tutorial.  

A few weeks back, I stumbled across a request about adding a group of people to a significant event via Church Community Builder’s (CCB) The Village.

I waited a few days to see if a response would surface, but nothing ever surfaced.  Here’s the person’s original request:

We have set up our system so a person’s baptism date is a Significant Event with Date. Normally entering them is fine since we usually only do a handful of baptisms at a time so it goes quickly. 

However, a couple of weeks ago we had a “Baptism Service” and we had around 100 people get baptized in one evening. I thought as the Master Admin I’d be able to do a mass add, but it doesn’t look like the Significant Event field is an option for a mass change. 

Does anyone have any ideas about how to do this without doing them one at a time?   

So, you guessed right if you guessed that today’s tutorial is about adding significant events for individuals.

Let’s get started…Read This Tutorial

Display public web calendar via your website using CCB’s API

Today’s tutorial is quite simple in nature (so says he writing the tutorial). 🙂

From time to time, I’ve encounter a question about how to create a customized list of CCB calendar events.

There are a number of ways to achieve listing your church’s calendar of events on your website.

You are able to use the CCB out-of-box feature that allows for you to place the CCB Event Calendar or Calendar of Events into your external web page.Read This Tutorial

Automating the use of Processes, Queues, and Attendance Reporting

Geez, just re-reading the title makes me (and probably you too!) cringe at the thought of using the Church Community Builder API to automate processes, queues and attendance reporting into a repeatable dynamic action.

That’s a thought and mouthful to repeat.

Well, it’s been a fast moving week for me, and I’ve been a bit slow delivering today’s tutorial.

In fact, I wish I had finished and posted it earlier than now, and let me explain why.

As most of you know, I’m a member of and volunteer at Mosaic Church in Austin, Texas.  My primary responsibility outside of discipling, ministering and leading is being the point of contact for our Foundation and Membership Classes, and the Membership Process in its entirety.

We recently had our latest Foundations Class end this past Sunday. As I was attempting to MANUALLY figure out who attended 4 or more classes and completed Membership Class, I was reminded how much I needed today’s tutorial.

It is possible to manually create reports using the CCB front-end interface and achieve the task.

However, I rarely have time to lose, and I like being able to setup the use of repeatable and dynamic automation using cron jobs. Read This Tutorial

Automating and Exporting Activity Attendance for Group Participants

We’re back with this week’s tutorial that will build on and combine the following tutorials:

I’ll discuss and show you how to combine tutorials to *automagically* export data from CCB, using the CCB API of course, into an Excel spreadsheet.

I won’t cover the automation portion in detail, but you can review the third bulleted tutorial above for that information. Let’s get started.Read This Tutorial

How to retrieve CCB event details

Ever wonder how to retrieve event details for your CCB events?  A question recently came up about how to view an event’s publication status in CCB.  Basically, there was a need to retrieve all events from a certain day that was not published on CCB’s public calendar.

In today’s tutorial, I’ll show you how to retrieve events from a certain day, and we’ll also cover how, and whether or not you’re able to retrieve events based on public calendar settings.

At first glance, one would think it is a trivial task to retrieve a list of events from a certain day and calendar status. Upon further inspection of the CCB API documentation, I now see the issue at hand in how it’s not possible to retrieve a list of events based on public calendar status using the CCB API.

Well, I guess that’s it for this tutorial… it can’t be done.   Just kidding! Let’s get started…
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