How to Retrieve Giving Transactions Per Family

Tis’ the season churches are nearing the end of the year and getting set to send giving year end statements.

The native functionality for Church Community Builder (CCB) offers the opportunity to execute and export giving statements for individuals and families.

In fact, we’ve previously shared a few API tutorials as it pertains giving and using the CCB API:

Today’s tutorial will not detail native functionality, yet will focus on how to retrieve giving transaction information for families.

Whether your church plans on creating it’s on giving statement tool or application, or you simply seek to understand the last date or amount of a given family id, this tutorial will help you do that and more.

Now let’s get started! Continue reading How to Retrieve Giving Transactions Per Family

How to Parse XML using Javascript and jQuery

It’s another week and opportunity to complete yet another tutorial showing you how to easily simplify using CCB’s API to access, modify and integrated your church’s data.

Last week, our tutorial focused on how to use PHP to parse an XML file created by a REST client using the CCB API.

This week, we’ll continue to using the same XML file, but instead of using PHP as did the previous tutorial, this week’s tutorial uses Javascript and jQuery to parse the XML file.

I’m not going to bore you with too many details in this tutorial, but do feel free to read the previous tutorial. In short, it’s the same tutorial as last week but using different programming language and a framework: Javascript and jQuery. Continue reading How to Parse XML using Javascript and jQuery

Last Families Modified Report and Dashboard

Welcome back to this week’s tutorial where we’ll cover the last families modified report.

If you’re a growing church with a large number of families joining the fold, then this is likely the tutorial you’ll want to implement.

Today’s tutorial will allow you to create a ongoing report that tracks families modified over the last 7 days.

This is a great internal report to help gauge and understand CCB usage at the family level.

This tutorial is not detailed, nor do we cover ALL there is you could do with this point.

I simply want to intro you to a few CCB API services built around gathering family detail.

You’ll likely be able to make the connection with all the many ways to use both services to enhance operations and processes using CCB.

Let’s get started! Continue reading Last Families Modified Report and Dashboard

Your Church’s CCB City, State Dashboard

Yes, another week has passed as fast as the speed of light.

It’s time for another tutorial.

This week I’ll lead you in creating a city, state dashboard much like we did with last week’s tutorial: Your Church’s Zip Code Dashboard.

It’s important, in my humble opinion, for a church to understand the dynamics and demographics of their church to be able to serve and reach their church and, more importantly, the surrounding cities and communities.

And if you church’s pulse is community group like ours is, then these dashboard reports are going to help you identify and anticipate where groups need to be launched.

Yes, preventative action and forecasting the growth of your church based on your current data.

Second to God providing your church wisdom and discernment for where to cast nets, if data is coupled with your city and surrounding areas’ population growth (by zip code or city), then you really can see where your church is reaching and should reach.

I think you get the point.  Enough talk, and let’s get started with today’s tutorial. Continue reading Your Church’s CCB City, State Dashboard

How many families are in CCB?

Welcome.  Have you ever wondered or been asked exactly how many families are in CCB?

Today’s tutorial is quite simple.  This tutorial will help you identify or snapshot the exact number of families in your CCB environment.  

I know you’re questioning and thinking, “why would anyone want to know the number of families in CCB?” Although not a mission-critical metric, knowing how many families within CCB could help identify a increase or decrease (oh no, never!) within your overall church attendance and engagement.

Add a little automation elbow grease to the tutorial we’ll soon cover, and you’ll be able to track track the number of families over time. 

We won’t cover the automation piece today.  However, feel free to review the following tutorials to get familiar with how to automate and track data using a MySQL database:

Who knows, you may be able to cobble together an automated CCB weekly report to track the total number of families in CCB.

Well, we don’t have a minute to waste.  Let’s get started! Continue reading How many families are in CCB?