How to Retrieve Giving Transactions Per Family

Tis’ the season churches are nearing the end of the year and getting set to send giving year end statements.

The native functionality for Church Community Builder (CCB) offers the opportunity to execute and export giving statements for individuals and families.

In fact, we’ve previously shared a few API tutorials as it pertains giving and using the CCB API:

Today’s tutorial will not detail native functionality, yet will focus on how to retrieve giving transaction information for families.

Whether your church plans on creating it’s on giving statement tool or application, or you simply seek to understand the last date or amount of a given family id, this tutorial will help you do that and more.

Now let’s get started! Continue reading How to Retrieve Giving Transactions Per Family

How to use API Online Giving Service to Track Single Gifts

Have you ever wanted to insert SINGLE online giving gifts into Church Community Builder (CCB) but not process payments?

Let’s say your church hosts a conference or event that doesn’t utilize CCB’s registration, event management and payment processing capabilities.

However, you want to track the online giving gifts associated with conference or event within CCB.

Today’s tutorial shares exactly how to successfully do just that. Continue reading How to use API Online Giving Service to Track Single Gifts

How to Import Online Gifts Using CCB’s API

Welcome back to another week and another value-add tutorial using CCB’s API Service.

This week, we’re changing gears to focus a bit on the financial operations of the church.

Often times, financial and operational management aspects tend to be separate due to system and technical requirements.

Today’s tutorial aims to help understand how to import online gifts directly into the Church Community Builder system. Continue reading How to Import Online Gifts Using CCB’s API

How to insert online gifts

This tutorial is definitely one of my favorites and will save a tremendous amount of time for any church looking to migrate to Church Community Builder.

Most churches have two main concerns about moving from one Church Management Software system to another: How hard is it to migrate personal profiles and giving information?

We’ve covered the first part of the question in our tutorial on How to Create a CCB Profile.  It was a simple tutorial, but with a little elbow grease, you can transform the codebase into automatically creating CCB profiles.

If you’re still in the dark on how to programmatically go about creating or inserting multiple CCB profiles, then no worries, I’ll soon provide a paid written or video tutorial walking you through how to automate the process.  Sit tight for now.

However, today’s tutorial will cover in detail how to go about inserting online gifts into CCB.  Let me be clear that this tutorial IS NOT about processing payments for online giving.  This tutorial is primarily for churches migrating to CCB, and needing a sound method for transferring their online giving history into CCB. So lets’ get started with today’s tutorial. Continue reading How to insert online gifts