How to Retrieve Giving Transactions Per Family

Tis’ the season churches are nearing the end of the year and getting set to send giving year end statements.

The native functionality for Church Community Builder (CCB) offers the opportunity to execute and export giving statements for individuals and families.

In fact, we’ve previously shared a few API tutorials as it pertains giving and using the CCB API:

Today’s tutorial will not detail native functionality, yet will focus on how to retrieve giving transaction information for families.

Whether your church plans on creating it’s on giving statement tool or application, or you simply seek to understand the last date or amount of a given family id, this tutorial will help you do that and more.

Now let’s get started! Read This Tutorial

How to use API Online Giving Service to Track Single Gifts

Have you ever wanted to insert SINGLE online giving gifts into Church Community Builder (CCB) but not process payments?

Let’s say your church hosts a conference or event that doesn’t utilize CCB’s registration, event management and payment processing capabilities.

However, you want to track the online giving gifts associated with conference or event within CCB.

Today’s tutorial shares exactly how to successfully do just that. Read This Tutorial

How to retrieve a list of spiritual gifts

Today’s tutorial launches a LONG series over the next couple of weeks.

This series was to have started last week, but apparently I thought this year was 2018 when I set the publish date. Oops… 🙂

Nevertheless, I figured out and corrected the error in my ways, arriving back from the future, and now you’re able to enjoy and read this tutorial at this very moment. 😀

On forward we go with today’s spiritual gifts tutorial…Read This Tutorial