Connecting to Microsoft Access to import CCB API data

How many times have you said or experienced the following statement: If only I could get info into Microsoft Access from CCB, then I could really shine and do my best work?

Not all churches use databases such as NoSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, SQL, Oracle, etc.  I know I lost a few of you with the aforementioned technical database alphabet soup, but hang in there with me for a moment.

Nevertheless, depending on the size and technical expertise on staff, churches often are quite familiar with working in Excel and Microsoft Access to produce their weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports.

See there, I’m reeling it back in to world’s you know: Excel and Microsoft Access.  Ok, Microsoft Access may be a stretch, but Excel shouldn’t.  But I digress.

Where most churches run into trouble is when their data lives in a Church Management Software that doesn’t provide native functionality to easily retrieve the data they most desperately desire.

Have you ever needed data outside of CCB to massage and manipulate to your liking only to find out that it’s available via the API and not native CCB functionality?

Well, today’s the day you can rejoice (although every day is a day to rejoice in the Lord). 🙂

Today’s tutorial will specifically focus on churches that use Microsoft Access as their reporting tool of choice, typically finance teams.

I’ll show you how to use PHP to connect to Microsoft access, bridging the gap between CCB’s API and Microsoft Access data.  Let’s get started! Continue reading Connecting to Microsoft Access to import CCB API data