How to use API Online Giving Service to Track Single Gifts

Have you ever wanted to insert SINGLE online giving gifts into Church Community Builder (CCB) but not process payments?

Let’s say your church hosts a conference or event that doesn’t utilize CCB’s registration, event management and payment processing capabilities.

However, you want to track the online giving gifts associated with conference or event within CCB.

Today’s tutorial shares exactly how to successfully do just that. Read This Tutorial

How to Parse XML using Javascript and jQuery

It’s another week and opportunity to complete yet another tutorial showing you how to easily simplify using CCB’s API to access, modify and integrated your church’s data.

Last week, our tutorial focused on how to use PHP to parse an XML file created by a REST client using the CCB API.

This week, we’ll continue to using the same XML file, but instead of using PHP as did the previous tutorial, this week’s tutorial uses Javascript and jQuery to parse the XML file.

I’m not going to bore you with too many details in this tutorial, but do feel free to read the previous tutorial. In short, it’s the same tutorial as last week but using different programming language and a framework: Javascript and jQuery.Read This Tutorial

How to Parse XML File Using PHP

Welcome back to today’s tutorial where we’ll pick up from where we left off at learning to use a REST client to access CCB data via the CCB API.

Before tackling today’s tutorial, I suggest you wisely review last week’s tutorial: How to Retrieve Data using CCB API and Rest Client.

Today’s tutorial’s builds on the previous tutorial by learning to parse the save XML file.Read This Tutorial

How to Import Online Gifts Using CCB’s API

Welcome back to another week and another value-add tutorial using CCB’s API Service.

This week, we’re changing gears to focus a bit on the financial operations of the church.

Often times, financial and operational management aspects tend to be separate due to system and technical requirements.

Today’s tutorial aims to help understand how to import online gifts directly into the Church Community Builder system. Read This Tutorial

Retrieving a list of all the Process Managers

Today’s tutorial is a bit simple in nature and geared towards processes, process managers to be exact.

This week, I’ll share with you how to use the CCB API process_managers service to retrieve a full list of process managers and the total number of processes managed.

I won’t dive into the details of displaying each process managed by their respective process manager. You’ll have to wait until next week’s tutorial or the following week.

Or perhaps, you’ll get a bit curious and courageous to figure how out how to display each process managed by their respective process manager. It’s really nothing to it, but to do it.

Speaking of doing and getting things done, let’s get started with today’s tutorial. 😉Read This Tutorial