Setting Credentials Using CCB API

I’m back, and what a fast two weeks this has been. I thought I would have had a few cycles over the last two weeks to produce a tutorial, yet that certainly wasn’t the case.

Nevertheless, I traveled to Las Vegas for a conference while playing catch up with a number of projects.

Now that I’m caught up on other projects, I can now catch up with CCB Tutorials.

Today’s tutorial stems from an email I received and focuses on setting a person’s Church Community Builder (CCB) login credentials. Continue reading Setting Credentials Using CCB API

Removing a Person From a CCB Group

It’s tutorial time once more. If you’ve been following along with us, then you know we spent nearly a month creating a report for persons that are overdue in a respective queue.

The report was created, emailed as html report, and saved as a file and attached to an email. It was quite the tutorial series and I highly recommend reviewing it.

As for today, we’re getting back to the basic building blocks with a simple tutorial focused on removing a person from a group using the Church Community Builder’s (CCB) API Service.

Without further ado, let’s get started with today’s tutorial. Continue reading Removing a Person From a CCB Group

Retrieving individual activity attendance report

Okay, today’s tutorial will be a one off that builds upon last week’s tutorial of retrieving a list of group participants.

We won’t integrate today’s tutorial with last weeks tutorial, but hang in there. Next week is coming and so is integration.

For now, we’ll focus on creating an activity attendance report for one individual and will contain ALL events attended and checked into by that person.

What type of events are we referencing in this attendance report? Specifically, we’re focusing on whether or not a person attended a community group. Let’s get started. Continue reading Retrieving individual activity attendance report