How to create a MySQL database and table

Today’s tutorial is not so much about Church Community Builder (CCB) in great detail, but it is about preparing your data for migration to or from CCB.

One of the things I’ve learned from migrating Fellowship One data to CCB is that it pays in spades to have your data in a database.

Unfortunately, I was given our church’s data in multiple excel files from Fellowship One.  Nevertheless, I was happy to have data in its rawest form to massage and manipulate for migration into a MySQL database and table, and then into CCB.

I won’t cover migration of your CCB data in this video tutorial, but will teach you to simply setup a MySQL database and table.  I’ll cover migration and how to use your MySQL database and table as an external backup source in a series of tutorials in the coming weeks.

Oh and before I forget, you do need access to MySQL and phpMyAdmin to complete this tutorial.  Although if you are a tech person familiar with database and table management, then you could perform this tutorial via MySQL command line interface (CLI).

Because I have experience with using Bluehost as well as hosting this website with Bluehost, I’ve chosen to setup this tutorial’s MySQL database and table using my Bluehost account.

It is not mandatory to use Bluehost.  You could and can use another web host service provider that offers MySQL databases and phpMyAdmin.  You can also use a local development software package, such as XAMPP, that offers MySQL databases and phpMyAdmin.

With that, let’s get started with today’s tutorial.

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