Setting Credentials Using CCB API

I’m back, and what a fast two weeks this has been. I thought I would have had a few cycles over the last two weeks to produce a tutorial, yet that certainly wasn’t the case.

Nevertheless, I traveled to Las Vegas for a conference while playing catch up with a number of projects.

Now that I’m caught up on other projects, I can now catch up with CCB Tutorials.

Today’s tutorial stems from an email I received and focuses on setting a person’s Church Community Builder (CCB) login credentials. Read This Tutorial

What’s the average number of groups persons belongs to?

If your church is loving, living, and leading from Christ-centered community, then this very question has crossed your mind at some point, if not at the forefront of your mind in this current season of ministry.

Today’s tutorial sheds light and somewhat answers the posed question.

I say somewhat because the Church Community Builder (CCB) API service, individual_groups, returns a list of all groups a specified individual is associated with.Read This Tutorial

How to Retrieve Position List and List of Position Holders

Today I’m back with yet another tutorial using Church Community Builder’s Public Web API Tool.

This week’s tutorial will focus on how to retrieve position list and a list of position holders for the respective position list.Read This Tutorial

How to Retrieve Custom Field Labels

It’s a new week, new year and time for a new CCB Tutorial. I hope and pray that each of you have had a blessed Christmas and Holiday spent with family and friends.

But as time off comes to an end, it’s time to settle back into the groove of family and work in the year.

In this week’s edition, I’ll ease you back into tutorials sharing and learning how to retrieve custom field labels defined in Church Community Builder system (CCB). Read This Tutorial

How to Retrieve Mobile Carrier List

It’s only a few days before Christmas, and things are moving at a pace faster than I would like.

Nevertheless, I managed to slip in a bit of time to produce yet another CCB API Tutorial.

In this week’s edition, I’m sharing how to access and retrieve a list of mobile carriers via the CCB API’s mobile_carrier_list. Read This Tutorial