Website and API integration of CCB forms

Welcome back and I hope you’re ready to extend your CCB tutorial knowledge.

Today’s tutorial focuses on leverage CCB’s form_list API service.

There comes a point in time when your church is likely needing to access a list of forms via another system external to CCB.

If you’re church contains most everything within CCB, then you’ll likely not find this tutorial that beneficial.

However, if your church makes use of 3rd party tools and technologies for event resource management beyond CCB capabilities, then this tutorial is for you.

Let’s get started with retrieving a list of forms.Read This Tutorial

Create a process list drop down menu – Part III

We’re back at it with another tutorial just for you.

Yes, we’re working on expanding the previous week’s tutorials where we created a fully functional drop down list of processes and a drop down list of respective queues for a selected process.

This week’s tutorial focuses on how to retrieve a list of individuals based on a given queue when selected from drop down menu.

We don’t have time to waste, so let’s get started.Read This Tutorial

Create a process list drop down menu – Part II

Welcome back for another CCB Tutorial.

This week’s tutorial picks up from where we left off last: Create a process list drop down menu.

It was a fairly simple tutorial to retrieve the entire list of CCB processes and place the list into a key-value pair select list, also known as a drop down menu.

But the simplicity stops there at the last tutorial, and time for a bit more challenging assignment.

Today’s tutorial combines the process list drop menu tutorial with the list retrieval of queues for a specific process tutorial.

Intermingling both process and queue tutorials is going to provide an opportunity to learn a new scripting language (if you didn’t already know it): Javascript.

That’s right! You’re going to learn a bit of Javascript, using jQuery library, to make some magic happen on the screen. 🙂

We won’t complete the overarching goal of this tutorial today, but do hang in there. This tutorial series will likely take us through the end of June to complete.

Hang in there… it’ll be well worth it in the end and likely spark a few ideas for some other custom projects for your church.

We have a lot to cover, so let us get started.Read This Tutorial

Create a process list drop down menu

Welcome back! Today’s tutorial mixes a bit of HTML and PHP with CCB’s API to achieve a process list drop down menu.

Of course, the drop down menu of processes is not much to write home about.

Lord willing, I’ll show you various ways to use the process list drop down menu to automate a few things or two over the next couple of weeks.

Nothing too complex to learn today, so let’s get started. Read This Tutorial

Retrieving and Displaying CCB Notes using CCB API

Church Community Builder has delivered a long awaited mobile preview experience.

You’re probably wondering what that has to do with anything, especially concerning a CCB Tutorial.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve longed to use CCB with my iPhone 6 Plus and 6s to simply lookup a person’s profile, review their notes or even add notes to the person’s profile (see below).

CCB Person Notes

Although not quite complete or comprehensive, I do believe CCB is headed in the right direction with it’s mobile preview experience.

Now pertaining to today’s tutorial, we’re going to discuss and walk through an example of how to retrieve and display notes for all CCB Profiles or a given CCB profile.

Let’s get started.Read This Tutorial