Who’s Available to Serve When and Where?

Have you ever wondered on a week-to-week basis who’s available to serve, when and where they’re available to serve?

Today’s tutorial aims to help you answer the question using CCB’s API service individual_availability.

However, today’s tutorial will not get into the technical weeds of the how.

You’re more than welcome to read previous tutorials (if this is your first or second tutorial with us) for such knowledge and instruction.

Unlike our church, many churches to use Church Community Builder to manage and schedule their volunteers on a weekly basis for their various ministries.

If you’ve never managed a growing and thriving ministry, then it’s can be very much like herding cats when you don’t have a solid process for volunteer on-boarding, activity, and off-boarding management.

The main reason I’m not diving into the technical weeds on this tutorial is because our church uses Planning Center Online to manage our various service ministries.

However, if your church desired to migrate volunteer scheduling data to or from CCB, then this tutorial will help you do just that!

Unfortunately, this tutorial allows only one person to be retrieved at a time manually.

However, with a bit of elbow grease and reading up on how to execute an individual search using the CCB API, you should be able to automate this code to fetch and return data for multiple persons.

In short, the tutorial provides you with the following data points for each person:

  • Person’s named linked to email address
  • Person’s position, group, campus, and availability
  • Available Service Days and Times
  • Unavailable Service Days and Times

Let me know if you have any questions about the tutorial in general, code provided, or need technical assistance in any way.

Thanks and I look forward to providing a detailed tutorial next week. 😉

Please comment if this tutorial has helped you.