CCB API Tutorials

Let me guess… you know which API service you would like to review a CCB API Tutorial for, but can’t find it.

Well, hopefully you can search for the API service in the list below and find the associated tutorials to help guide you achieve your custom development wish.

As more tutorials are added on a weekly basis, this page will be updated, linking respective CCB API services to their respective tutorial(s).

Batch Services

  • batch_profile_from_id
  • batch_profiles
  • batch_profiles_in_date_range
  • import_batches
  • transaction_detail_type_detail
  • transaction_detail_type_list
  • transactions_by_family

Event Services

Form Services

Group Services

Individual Profile Services

Process Services

Public Web Tools

Lookup Table Services


The complete list of services is listed below, with each requiring one of the following to be appended to create a valid service: _list, _detail, _update, or _insert. If you pass in an invalid id into any of the _update services, the response will contain empty elements instead of an error.

  • ability
  • activity
  • age_bracket
  • area
  • church_service
  • event_grouping
  • gift
  • group_grouping
  • group_type
  • how_joined_church
  • how_they_heard
  • meet_day
  • meet_time
  • membership_type
  • passion
  • reason_left_church
  • school
  • school_grade
  • significant_event
  • spiritual_maturity
  • style
  • transaction_grouping
  • udf_grp_pulldown_1
  • udf_grp_pulldown_2
  • udf_grp_pulldown_3
  • udf_ind_pulldown_1
  • udf_ind_pulldown_2
  • udf_ind_pulldown_3
  • udf_ind_pulldown_4
  • udf_ind_pulldown_5
  • udf_ind_pulldown_6
  • udf_resource_pulldown_1